An exciting adventure

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service. I quote Grove Patterson, the great editor and chief. My business has convinced me of several things. Among them, that people are Basically good. We came from some place and we’re going some place. So we should make our time here an exciting adventure. The architect of the universe didn’t built a stairway leading nowhere. And the greatest teacher of all, the carpenter from the plains of Galilee gave us the secret time and time again. As he believe, so shall it be done. Thank you.

With Warmth and Love,
Ryan Martin

One thought on “An exciting adventure

  1. Andrew

    We saw Ryan perform at the Naruto Hibachi and Sushi house in Wisconsin Dells. WOW. What an amazing performance. Kept us all entertained and wanting more. Would highly recommend and definitely looking forward to seeing him again next time we are in town.


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