Focus and Connection

My job is to create wonder and joy in the hearts and mind of the audience. Every time I get hired to perform Magic for people, my goal is to make sure everyone has the best time. I never know how the show will turn out. All my shows are different and special for each audience. I’m motivated and excited to have a great attitude about it.

Great attitude should be a habit. Develop a habit of thinking positive. Worrying and feeling anxious is a waste of precious energy that can be directed towards something helpful and constructive.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you and bring the best out of you. Don’t ever be deluded. If you’re gonna be deluded why not try and be deluded in a slightly more positive way. What if life was conspiring to shower you with blessings. What if you chose to assume that the world really wants you to succeed. How would you see things differently.

How you choose to consume the world will have an effect on how you think about the world. Things can always go better than you think. It’s your choice you to decide where your attentions goes this morning or this afternoon and every day going forward.

Looking forward to enchanting you,
Ryan Martin