Top Relationship Tips for Magicians

As a magician, it all comes down to relationships.

When you’re doing a magic show and you’re entering into the “circle of fun” (aka. the soup) you need to be aware of your relationship between the people and you. For example, they may not know each other very well at all, or they could be a tightly knit family. Either way, you’re going to have to change your routine, or change the jokes, depending on the group.

You’ll know right when you meet them what words you need say or what routine to do. Maybe you’ll take a few lines out of your script to create more silence, or perhaps you’ll add extra humor. It will always be different. No performance is ever the same. You may try harder if you’re entertaining a family that doesn’t want to see a long show. (There are some people that just want to see nothing more than a quick card trick.) And that’s fine, as long as you’re courteous and make each moment count. You may want to take entire steps out of routines to suit the audience, depending on the viewing angle and audience’s state of mind.