The Magician Experience: Connection

Connection is one of the principal motivations for my method of moving mountains. Saying certain words, or saying them in a certain way, can make people feel different. (This is how deal-making works and negotiations work.) You can get away with things that you normally couldn’t because the words you say make people think of a certain response.

This is because different memories are attached to the specific words that you say. This understanding will make you more aware of what you’re doing when you’re having a conversation with someone. It will also make the conversation more direct and memorable.

I’ve recently gone onto a higher gig but I still need to tell myself that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Sometimes, I feel like I can build Rome in a day, but really I can’t. It takes at least 10 years of performing magic to get there, and I know that being polite and considerate goes a long way. Just like anything, it takes time.

In the meantime, working at private parties and restaurants is a wonderful experience. It’s all beautiful and incredible. It seems even more amazing when you’re sincere and genuine. I hear reactions like “Unreal!”, “Marvelous!”, “Magnificent!”, “Is this magician for real?” all of the time. I’ve had people think that I was psychic or a figment of their imagination. No joke!

This is the essence of connection. It is everything. It is magic.

People think it’s not magic, but it’s all in how you look at it. Connection is the gap. It’s what you’re going for, or what you have going for you. All of the real magic that you will ever do is about connection.