The Goal

It’s my job to write inspirational stuff for people who are facing troubles in their life just like me. I just woke up and I felt this great feeling like I could accomplish anything. I want the people reading this to feel this same way. Don’t worry about anything as long as you see the goal. You have to go and reach it. Live and have fun. Live life and be happy every day and it will be the best thing. Once you actually intentionally make it happen with your mind, you have the power to make your life awesome no matter what situation. Even if you are in a bad situation. It’s all about applying and doing what you love. Your talent.


Find what it is you can do really well and do it as much as you can. Try to be the best at it, no matter what happens. If you do that, you have already won the battle. You have overcome all the stuff you will be fighting for to be wealthy in the first place. Once you understand this, your down the road to “pure perfection” you will understand its hard to do all this at once, it takes a long time to be experienced. But once to continue and try and try you will eventually get to be a wealthy and happy person doing great things. it might take a generation, but you will get it. Live the life you want to live. I’m bursting out this information because I believe it will help people in their lives. Really don’t take things so seriously. Keep doing your job and you have the authority over your life. Make your life what you want. But applying yourself to talents and creating value for yourself and for people to enjoy your work and you company. It’s all about networking. Or as by teacher likes to say “Connection” you’ll feel it happening. This process takes a while, but once you get it you have all the money you will ever need. Rich not necessary In money, But in TIME, and in knowledge. The money will come, It has to. Creating value will get you there.


This is the point that you want to reach. It might even take of 2 generations, but if you can apply yourself more you can get it all done in one generation or less. Soon you will be making money without thinking about it. But the first step it to do the crapy work until you can get to that level. The level of business and satisfaction to help people. Inspiration should pour out of you if you feel it. You just need to have the pure and metal capability to make all happen. It’s all really a big “Mind Game” have this feeling that nobody else has because you believe in Faith. When you HAVE that faith. It’s like having riches when you don’t even know it. And with those riches you can buy any life you want as long and you believe in yourself and the faith in hand. This all takes time. But as long as your being aware of it is the first step into a larger world. Just take a girl with you on your journey to the cosmic bank of happiness. Once you get there it’s the best. Once you have the magic and you can also give that feeling to others. Love the journey with in all the densities. You need to choose to be happy. It’s your world, not mine. Do what you want with it. but never choose to be negative, choose to be happy in the positive present moment. The goal will be reached.